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Learn-to-foil in 3 lessons

Learn-to-foil in 3 lessons

If you've seen those guys out there e-foiling then here's a fun way to take it on, learn smooth technique and make the journey toward becoming an expert.  You'll get 3 x 90 minute lessons will get you carving turns, tackling more difficult conditions, maybe taking on a wave with electric power.  No paddling, the Flitecontroller is in your hand.


    This is a structured course but adapted to challenge and build your individual  technique to become a confident foiler:

    Lesson 1 - Understand planeing, using the pistol grip Flitecontroller intelligently, weight distribution & balance points, controlling take-off, smoother efficient planeing, uping the speed, using the foil edge to lift & land.  Ready for a good lie down after all this.

    Lesson 2 - planeing sooner,  starting to carve, landing at speed, taking on chop & waves... more difficult conditions - tips & techniques.  As you up your speed the Waterways Authority may require a boating licence in NSW.  Ask Mick about thye current regulations.

    Lesson 3 - higher speed techniques and sharper turns, running on the swell, up & over, cutting into bigger waves, speed runs with safety.  You're ready to "Go Pro" so get out there and push the curve.  Go with the flow!


    We also provide you with a video option to show your friends... now you are a Glide Graduate in this fantastic new sport.


    If the weather is not appropriate (it's the coaches assessment call) then you will be offered a transfer to another date.  No shows mean no fun, no refund.

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