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e-foiling 2 To Flow

e-foiling 2 To Flow

Take your partner on a shared e-foiling experience you've never had before... gliding over pristine waters on an amazing new technology developed by innovative Aussie engineers. 


Go with the flow, zoom, rise and carve through the air.  OMG I'm flying.  It's like a dream with the speed controller in your hand.  Lots of laughs, the occasional splash down... hold on press the trigger and make the jump to Glide Speed!


It's a great value experience too at $375 for 2 people for an adrenalin filled 90 minute session.  From early in the cool morning through to golden afternoons on pristine Myall Lake.   Totally eco with no emissions and no noise.  Join us at GlideTime and be amazed at what you can do. 


    90 minutes of shared session on our Fliteboards, SUPs supplied as chat platforms with your partner between zooms & andrenalin rushes, impact vests for floatation & helmets for extra safety, sunscreen supplied, and lots of tips on getting going, planeing, and gliding over the water.  It's a  unique experience you will both remember.  After we recommend a swim and relax on the neraby Neranie Sands beach and maybe a romantic picnic.

    We recommend viewing our "How to ride" video before you head out that familarises you with proven techniques to get you started, understanding the pistol grip Flitecontroller unit in you hand, together with proven tips & demos of just how easy it is.  Ask Mick for the link... you'll also find it on our homepage under "essential video" pre-Glide.


    Here's the legal stuff, you need to know:


    Before you get out there GlideTime requires a Fitness Statement and Legal Waiver be signed by each rider.

    Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  Teenagers to 18 years also require a signed parent authority to ride, and sign the risk waiver.


    GlideTime is an Authorised Fliteschool Partner.  Foiling has dangers so we encourage Personal Injury Insurance.  We are licensed to operate in National  & Marine Parks.  All our instructors are First Aid trained and a medical response plan is part of our business protocols.  We take safety very seriously.


    If the weather is not appropriate (it's the coaches assessment call) then you will be offered a transfer to another date.  No shows mean no fun, no refund.

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