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Buy a Fliteboard

Buy a Fliteboard

If you become hooked like us on this tech innovation that is just so much fun, healthier for the waterways and you, we can help you with an Authorised partner price with Fliteboard Australia to acquire your very own Fliteboard.  We can help you select the right board, over 12 designs to choose from Fliteboard 2, Fliteboard Air & Fliteboard Pro tailored to your body type with different mast settings,  & foil types to get you gliding wherever the feeling takes you.

  • PRODUCT INFO - a growing range

    This describes the range of Fliteboard options in overview: Fliteboard 2, Fliteboard Air, and Fliteboard Pro with info on mast and board size options


    All Fliteboard purchases in Australia come with Fliteboard's international warranty and local technical support.  They were designed and made here with state-of-the-art award winning technology.  There is a 2 year warranty currently in place should any component fail.



    Frieight costs and delivery time frames will be advised directly by GlideTime who will hussle for prompt delivery of your order with Fliteboard Australia.  Call us to discuss current production timeframes and available stock options.  This is a tailor-made product from first class materials, carbon fibre, premium litium marine batteries, and bluetooth comms.  It's awesome.  We'll keep you informed so you can get gliding very soon on your own Fliteboard.

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